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A project log for HAK5 USB RubberDucky Emulator

A simple java program that reads and executes ducky scripts (from the popular hak5 rubber ducky)

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS 05/18/2014 at 13:520 Comments

ok so with University exams going on I've lost time needed to work on this project, but when they are done I'll continue working on it and hopefully have a first release out soon.

  so far I have most of the work done, its able to read ducky scripts, identify commands and then execute them as needed. so far all seems good apart from extremely messy and probably inneficient code (I'll fix later) and a minor bug where for the string command I can get it to type out every character except for quotations (probably just missed putting it in).

  for now its working fine on windows 8.1 64 bit on a Toshiba laptop with an i.e. layout keyboard.  the simulator uses the Java robot class for now in order to type strings and simulate pressing buttons like the ducky,  I'm not too sure yet how well this will work out for other computers and keyboard layouts. I will have to look into a better solution than the robot class, any suggestions here would be much appreciated.

side note:

  I have added a GUI to this project and i will be improving it after everything works,  part of the GUI allows showing the ducky code in a text field, I am half considering dividing this project into two parts, 1) a GUI that will work as if like a ducky script IDE and 2) a script launcher, the part that simulates being a ducky and executes the script.  I'm sure most people already have their own favourite editors for making ducky scripts so unless there's interest in the first part of this idea I may leave it for now and just concentrate on making a working ducky simulator.