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A project log for HAK5 USB RubberDucky Emulator

A simple java program that reads and executes ducky scripts (from the popular hak5 rubber ducky)

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS 05/19/2014 at 01:300 Comments

ok this is a quick update,  I have fixed up the GUI a little,  decided to set it to take the look and feel of whatever os it is currently running on. I have also tidied up the code a little too, I hope to release the first version to the public before the week is up,  I'll probably just release it as a zip folder containing an executable jar file and the netbeans project folder, I've never used git hub before so I'll considering looking into how to use it (obviously a newb here).  anyways here a pic with the native windows 8.1 look and feel.

I will try and test this on a spare laptop soon and see how it works with alternative keyboards (still looking for a better solution than the java robot class), I will also try and start testing inside linux and see how it looks and works.