Slow Progress, but Progress

A project log for Drone Swarm Control Algorithms

I want to look at control methods for swarms that can be adapted to problems in the real world.

gene-foxwellGene Foxwell 05/14/2016 at 12:260 Comments

As mentioned in an earlier project log, the next step of this project is to introduce and study the effects of allowing individual drones in the swarm to adapt. This presents an extra difficulty as thus far the drones have been partially heterogenous - especially in the beacon following department.

Sadly however, finding an efficient homogenous solution wasn't working well by hand. To solve this problem I have implemented and debugged an evolutionary search algorithm to find the "best" evolved homogeneous swarm to use as a baseline. While this approach seems to be working, it is a slow process as the swarm as to simulated for around 10000 iterations to be sure whether its going to fail to achieve the goals.

Once I have made it past this step I'll post another video of the evolved homogenous swarm.