About the double AP in setting

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jean-pierre-cocatrixJean-Pierre Cocatrix 01/10/2017 at 11:000 Comments

A quick note about the AP configurations in setting:

As you may noticed, now in 1.1.4 release you can specify two AP.

When the first one is not found, the second one is tried. If not found, karadio is set in SoftAP mode at

Only the AP fields can be configured, not the ip, mask and gateway.

If you need to have two AP, the best choice is to use the dhcp. But the ip may be difficult to predict, so i recommend to configure a static lease on your router to force dhcp to choose your preferred ip. To do that, I added the mac address of the esp. See the manual of your router about dhcp static lease.

If you need some other details, write a comment.

Thanks for your attention.