Some hardware projects based on Karadio

A project log for WiFi Webradio on ESP8266 or ESP32

KaRadio A fully featured wifi web radio player with only low cost boards. with or without a vs1053 board

jean-pierre-cocatrixJean-Pierre Cocatrix 01/17/2017 at 20:380 Comments

Many pcb projects are in progress to run KaraDio.

Dimitris works on a pcb with esp8266, the external ram and the vs1053 with the complete set of option by juumper (a0 and type of ram).
I hope he can sell it soon (with mounted components).

discover1977 has made a pcb not yet finished, but with the full hardware including the lcd and more.
See his project at

Christophe has made a minimalist pcb to be used with KaraDio, but can be used in many other projects. The lc soft vs1053 can be plugged directly on the pbc.