Project Status - 5/13/16

A project log for Laura // ISM-band WAN Messaging

Laura brings low-cost long-range encrypted 915MHz communication to the palm of your hand.

phil-herlihyPhil Herlihy 05/13/2016 at 22:420 Comments

Hi there,

This is my first progress report after taking the wraps off of Laura. So far:

Hardware Progress:

Establishing a working SubModule prototype using on-hand parts (SAMD20 Xplained Pro x2, HopeRF modules, ATAES132A on Breakout): 40% complete.

The remaining 60% is all firmware that must be developed for the SAM to exercise all of the hardware and perform point-to-point tests. Once those tests pass, I will build upon this firmware to bring it to Alpha level for testing on actual hardware prototype boards.

Esablishing a working Gateway prototype using on-hand parts (Raspberry Pi 2, HopeRF modules, ATAES132A on Breakout): 10% complete.

Completed research on proper device hookups, prototype plan and tests written, basic code skeleton established.

Laura HAT v1.0:

Second pass board design complete. Needs placement tweaks, alignment, stitching. Prototype verification needed in order to release third pass to fab once complete.

Laura SubModule v1.0:

Third pass board design complete. Full prototype verification needed in order to release third pass to fab.

Laura Handheld v1.0:

Second pass inspired me to rip up the entire layout and start from scratch. The mechanical outline has been established and preliminary component placement is set. So, back to zero passes for now. More to come.

Gateway Software:

Started tweaking the base Rasbian Jessie Lite image to meet the requirements for the security of the Gateway and for a read-only root partition. Defining list libraries and utilities that will need to be installed into the image to proceed.

SAM Firmware:

PoC plan and tests written. Researching and shaking off some cobwebs for coding the routines necessary efficiently.