Step / Direction Interface

A project log for ODrive - High performance motor control

Hobby brushless motors are incredibly cheap and powerful. However we need a way to make robots out of them. ODrive is that way.

Oskar WeiglOskar Weigl 07/18/2017 at 02:400 Comments

The first version of the much requested interface for ODrive, step/direction signals, is now ready. If you want to try it out, check these instructions.


Step/direction is the most common interface used by existing motion controllers to talk to stepper motor drivers. With the support of step/direction, you can use existing motion controllers and let ODrive be a drop-in replacement for the stepper drivers. In the above demo, a TinyG is used, but the signals are the same as used by the Smoothieboard, Rambo, Mach3, RAMPS, well basically all of them.