Functional Components Printed

A project log for Open LIDAR

This project is to build a motorized gimbal mount to convert a laser distance module into a 3d LIDAR.

caveradamcaver.adam 08/04/2021 at 00:560 Comments

Today I finished printing the functional components. I'm going to have to wait for a new spool of filament before I can print the wire covers for the fieldgoal. But when i have time I can begin assembling this. 

Next step is to use a 3mm tap to tap the screw holes. Once that's done I can assemble the body and start on the electronics. One thing I don't really love is that it is a bit difficult to get the motor gear attached at the correct height to match the shaft gear. But it is just a bit of trial and error to complete. I'm considering modelling a simple spacer to assist though. 

Last time I made the cavity in the body a very tight fit and it was a problem...this time I may have made the body too big. At least it will hold everything and I can decide after testing it whether it is worth purchasing a shrink-ray.