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A project log for Guided Rocket

I will be attempting to build a guided rocket using of the shelf parts

SagarSagar 06/20/2014 at 20:460 Comments

I finally got out of the prototyping stage and all the ordered electronics work how they are intended! Now comes the hard task of fitting everything on the electronics bay so that it wont come loose with vibration. To do this, a custom cable was made for the IMU, a sensor which will tell the arduino what orientation its facing.

Along with this, a power control circuit was designed and made using PCB, it was planned to make an all in one rocket control board, but this turned out to be more simple for prototyping. The power control board takes 11 volts from a LiPo battery pack and distributes it to the IMU, the Arduino, and the two servos while keeping everything cool and safe from coming loose

The servos connect to the screw terminals on the left hand side, while the batter goes on the bigger terminal, the 3 wires connect to arduino and are (ground, PWN9, and PWN10)