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An anti-social game

avishorpavishorp 05/30/2016 at 14:390 Comments

The hammer is assembled from 4 main parts:

  1. The hammer head.
  2. The PCB assembly
  3. End pads (x2)
  4. Handle

The hammer head is 3D printed. It's designed as a hollow, T-shaped cylinder with rails that hold the PCB and the pads in place. It was printed from transparent ABS which was also acting as a diffuser. The PCB assembly includes the PCB and a 2xAAA battery housing, attached to it using VHB strip.

The most interesting and complex part is the end pads. They include a 3D printed base plate surrounded by potted RTV, which gives its softness. Half of the pads also include a piezo transducer embedded inside the RTV.

The handle is cut from a wooden broom handle.

This is the end pad base-plate. It has a place for the piezo sensor assembly, and bridges, under which the RTV would flow and hold to the part.

The end cap base plate, with Piezo sensor

The potting of the RTV. The blue pads indicate that there's a piezo sensor inside, white are inert.

Molding the RTV

The final end pads.

Assembly of the hammers

And here's he final product: