Almost back together

A project log for The THz Drone Project

I am working on a project to fly a THz Spectrometer on a drone. This will enable spot measurements of important atmospheric molecules.

Joseph DemersJoseph Demers 05/29/2016 at 22:270 Comments

From the pictures you can see how close I got to actually getting the PB7220 back together.

It is possible to connect the SBC computer to a monitor a keyboard and the PB7220 and it fires up, the software works, it runs off of battery - everything is great! Except I can't connect the heads to the unit with the fibers and electrical tethers. The small threaded holes that hold the end plates to the chassis were never tapped. They should be tapped with a M2 x .4 thread but the aren't. If it weren't for this then this thing would be taking data at this point. Instead, I had to order some taps and a tap holder and hope that I don't break a tap!

On the next log I will have this thing together and taking some water vapor data here in the laboratory. In the meantime, Thomas designed an aluminum bracket to allow us to attach the system to the drone and I am designing a stand that will allow the unit to be turned upside down and set on a table.