Yes, it was humid.

A project log for The THz Drone Project

I am working on a project to fly a THz Spectrometer on a drone. This will enable spot measurements of important atmospheric molecules.

Joseph DemersJoseph Demers 07/04/2016 at 21:520 Comments

We were flying the THz Drone at Paramont Ranch Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. They have an area set aside for flying drones. Earlier in the day there had been fog in the area, but by the time we had arrived the fog had burned off leaving it extremely hot and humid. The reported weather showed the humidity for the day varying between 96% and 45% with an average of about 75% and a high of 90 degrees.That water vapor lines are certainly extremely strong.

Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten the humidity meter working yet. It was supposed to be attached to the drone to record the humidity while the spectra was being recorded. Since this was the maiden voyage and I thought this area was going to be very, very dry I hadn't concentrated on getting the humidity probe working.