We Won a National Science Foundation Grant!

A project log for The THz Drone Project

I am working on a project to fly a THz Spectrometer on a drone. This will enable spot measurements of important atmospheric molecules.

Joseph DemersJoseph Demers 10/29/2017 at 02:500 Comments

I started The THz Drone Project on Hackaday in order to document what I thought would be a great project. While the goal of building a drone mounted THz spectrometer capable of performing in-situ gas analysis that could discriminate between different pollutants was not technically possible, I could show that flying a THz spectrometer was. This effort was rewarded this year in August (2017) when Bakman Technologies was awarded a $225,000National Science Foundation grant to further develop our THz technology and make the goal of pollution monitoring and gas sensing possible.

So great things come from little beginnings. Do your hack, dream your dream and keep pushing. Not even the sky is the limit :-)