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A project log for RF Mesh Network

High-throughput zero topology configuration mesh network for temporary/emergency communications over long distances.

trademarkTrademark 05/15/2016 at 02:170 Comments

Picked up the cases for each node this evening. I would up going with the classic Radio Shack project box. They are about $3.50 each (which more or less blows up the cost per node) but they are the right size and I do not want to wait on something cheap to come over from China. They are the right size, durable, easy to work with, and I already had one to test the fit.

Upon further review, I realized there might have been some fun options ton consider with plastic pipe. Plastic electrical conduit of about 1" interior diameter is waterproof, weather proof, shock resistant, and very compact. All of the components would slip nicely inside (sans battery of course). This might be a cool option for future node variants.

Tonight I'm creating Y connections so I can have one 5V in port on the outside of the box and still feed separate power to the Arduino and the RF adapter board. Once that's done, I'll dry fit each node in a box, feed the wires through and fix the female 22awg connectors with hot glue (probably) on the inside. Stay tuned for multiple pictures when that's done.