DIYbio Centrifuge V 3.0

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progressthProgressTH 06/20/2019 at 13:000 Comments

June 20, 2019 | ProgressTH Version 3 of our 3D printed DIYbio microcentrifuge is now on Thingiverse. There were a lot of problems with our V 2.0 but it worked. When the hinges began cracking we saw an opportunity to redesign it. 


The new additions include:

It is still run off 12V DC with a DC motor, rocker switch, and microswitch keeping the electronics very simple. 

exploded view

It uses 3 M3 x 30mm bolts and nuts for the hinges and latch, and 2 more M3 bolts (any length, but the shorter the better) for securing the platform to the case with the containment segment sandwiched in between.  

V3 (left) next to V2 (right)

The rotor needs to be remodeled for higher resolution and balance, but other than that this so far is a much more solid design, much safer, and simpler to build.

Improved Safety 

Our older centrifuges had the rotor and tubes spinning above the platform, meaning that even with a safety switch cutting power when the lid was open, it would still be spinning pretty fast and pose a danger of clipping anything or anyone who got too close. 

Without getting into microcontrollers, solenoids, or servos, the recessed rotor makes it much safer and requires you to really go out of your way to make contact with the rotor while it spins down. Getting clipped by the tubes (which are hard to see when spinning and hurts!) is impossible since they are spinning beneath the platform now. 

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