Update, getting there !

A project log for KOSSEL XXL

I wanted to build a large printer capable of printing PLA or ABS to a high quality, speed is also of major importance. (Mini Kossel based)

Aaron Dominic RichmondAaron Dominic Richmond 06/16/2016 at 12:260 Comments

So i now have most of the printer together and i attempted a first print, the layering was excellent and then the extruder started slipping !

Tried to turn of the current on my MKS base but to no avail, i have ordered a 5:1 geared stepper to solve my torque issues. I can only guess it is down to my rather long boxden tube.

I discovered another issue, this one revolves around the auto level function built into marlin. When i run an autolevel my hot end just crashes into the bed, however i can run a G30 (single probe point) and this works...i shall dig further and report my findings.

Still got buckets left to do such as a spool holder, heated bed, mounting the bed (maybe some magnets to hold it on so i can get at the electronics with ease) and some electronics cooling fans to fit.