Update 19-08-2016

A project log for KOSSEL XXL

I wanted to build a large printer capable of printing PLA or ABS to a high quality, speed is also of major importance. (Mini Kossel based)

Aaron Dominic RichmondAaron Dominic Richmond 08/19/2016 at 11:280 Comments

Heated bed has been attached for a little while now and i have PLA printing nicely.

Yoda head in eSun PLA...

Next things on my list is to move onto PETG filament for its strength, i cannot get this to print quite right...the filament is somewhat sticky compared to PLA and it is adding alot of friction inside my overly long bowden tube.

The plan is to create a flying extruder setup where the extruder is connected to the carriages via elastic, this means i can have a very small bowden tube and potentially remove my current issue.