Update - flying extruder

A project log for KOSSEL XXL

I wanted to build a large printer capable of printing PLA or ABS to a high quality, speed is also of major importance. (Mini Kossel based)

Aaron Dominic RichmondAaron Dominic Richmond 11/11/2016 at 09:171 Comment

I have been having trouble with the long pneumatic hose that runs the filament from the extruder top the hot end. My solution is to mount the extruder on catapult elastic.

I designed a few basic brackets to hold some standard rod ends, they can be found on thingyverse this one attaches to the end on the stepper motor.

This one is for the MGn12 linear blocks

The next stages for me is going to be swapping out the 8bit controller for a nice modern 32bit version, i have been having trouble with the arduino based controller pausing while it is doing the kinematic equations to work out the delta triangulation. This causes the nozzle to just stop and overheat part of the print causing blobs of plastic. The 32bit controller should have the grunt to calculate these moves quick enough to keep the print smooth.


Ken Bailey wrote 01/03/2017 at 21:00 point

Aaron, what issue were you having with the extruder ?

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