Software engineers and green thumbs, a dangerous combination

A project log for Aeroponics Garden

Because soil is so overrated, seriously.

Julius (Mr. Seeker)Julius (Mr. Seeker) 05/12/2016 at 07:140 Comments

When I started this project I would not expect to run into problems this soon, but I did. I am not sure if its just me NOT having green thumbs, or if is just a lack of knowledge (my last biology class was too many years ago). My plants were going weak, started to shrivel and since yesterday dark brown spots started to appear on all the plants, despite my best efforts to find out the cause of the problem. Most websites suggested that it had to do with funghi or infection, but these plants were healthy and their brothers/sisters were sitting outside and doing great.

Then it struck me. How much SUN are they receiving per day? Aren't they getting a heatstroke? Apparently they are sitting in full bright sun for the most of their day, behind glass, getting toasted by the sunny weather while their leaves are getting wet by the fog which is leaking out. Took them into a more "shaded" area, hopefully this will help them get a bit less stressed out. Hopefully they won't die, would be a quick ending of an otherwise promising project...

I bet that people will say "you idiot!", but I am not the guy with a green thumb... I am a software engineer with a soldering iron and crazy ideas.