Week has passed, finally progress

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Because soil is so overrated, seriously.

Julius (Mr. Seeker)Julius (Mr. Seeker) 07/19/2016 at 10:040 Comments

So, after a long week of praying and hoping that everything went well, I finally decided to clean the tank, hopefully this time without too much issues. So, I grabbed the second bucket that I use in case of emergencies & when I need to transport them, and realized that some of them have grown little healthy roots. Giving the plant some extra water in the beginning proved to be helpful, since the little plant that was on "drip feed" seemed to have recovered pretty well and stuck the head up after a day or 2, and kept that way.

Cleaning the tank & water pump seemed to be a bit annoying though, since the pump does not seem to pump that quickly anymore. Might be that I need to replace it with a better pump in the future, but for now it seems to work fine.

The plant on the left seemed to start drooping, so had to change the water pump from one guy to the other. Hopefully without too much issues...