Girlfriend call and message

In this project I'll teach you how to make a very simple project using 1shield and Arduino.

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In this project when your girlfriend call you or send a message ,you can know that once the Red LED light .

This project is two parts one software and another is hardware .

Software part

Depend on Arduino IDE program and 1shield mobile application.

Hardware part

Depend on Arduino board, 1shield board .

Continue reading to know in details how to connect two parts to make that project .

This video show in details how this project work


This the code in Arduino language program used to program Arduino board.

ino - 993.00 bytes - 05/10/2016 at 22:43


  • 1 × 1 shield board Connect it to Arduino board
  • 1 × Arduino board UNO Connect it to battery 9v and Red LED
  • 1 × Android Mobile phone Install 1shield mobile app on it
  • 1 × Red LED Connect it to pin 13 and ground on Arduino board
  • 1 × battery 9v Connect it to arduino

  • 1
    Step 1
    • Install 1shield app on your android smart phone
    • Connect 1shield board to Arduino Uno board
    • Connect LED to pin 13
    • Download 1 shield libraries from
    • Upload (SMS and Phone library) into Arduino IDE
    • Write the code on Arduino IDE .
    • Connect Arduino board to PC and upload the code into Arduino board
    • Connect power source to Arduino board (USB cable OR Battery) .
    • Take care about upload mode and running mode on the 1 shield board .
    • Download 1shield mobile application from here
    • Connect 1shield mobile app to 1shield board
    • Select the required libraries from 1shield mobile app.
    • Make a call from your girlfriend to your mobile wait awhile then cancel take care about what happen to the LED.
    • Send a message from your girlfriend mobile to your mobile and take care about what happen to the LED .

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Chris Peterson wrote 08/16/2022 at 18:25 point

That is a great project. I read all details provided here. Actually I was also looking for a similar app which can do the similar work. If I go in details, I read an article today, which is given in end. And in this article there is one app explained which can completely synchronize one Android phone to another. Similarly I want the blueprints of such app, and current project will also help me a lot.

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