Hydroponic System

A project log for Containerized Hydro/Aquaculture Food Production

Packed into a 20 ft. shipping container, this food production system combines automation, hydroponics and aquaculture. 05/17/2016 at 16:130 Comments

The main parts of the Hydroponic System include:

a. Seed feed hopper

b. Food-grade perforated conveyor system

c. Micro-irrigation system

a. Seed feed hopper

- contains and gravity feeds seed onto conveyor

- levels off seed to 2 or 3 grain depth

- can mount to the exterior if desired

b. Conveyor system

- perforations too small for seed but allow water to pass through

- if there are problems with retaining water or jamming seed, a larger perforation in the hard part of the conveyor can be covered with landscape fabric

- motorized with slow moving motor system to move at a rate of about an inch per day

c. Micro-irrigation system

- a series of stationary overhead micro-irrigation emitters that spray fish-fertilized water to supply the plants nutrient and hydration requirements

- mist emitters for germination and sprout stages

- spray emitter output increases with plant size

- requires particulate filtration of fish water

- also requires a small pump

- can consider an ebb-and-flow system for larger plants to reduce foiliar disease vectoring