Power the system

A project log for Containerized Hydro/Aquaculture Food Production

Packed into a 20 ft. shipping container, this food production system combines automation, hydroponics and aquaculture. 05/19/2016 at 03:070 Comments

Solar panels are an obvious choice for the top of the containerized system. With an area of roughly 160 square feet there is enough room for a solar collection capacity that could at least supplement the power supplied to the system. The goal is to make the system efficient enough that solar can be the primary source of the electricity needed to run this production system.

A battery for electricity storage can collect power from the grid during off-peak usage times (to minimize the cost) and redistribute it throughout the day.

The component systems requiring power include:

- aeration

- water circulation/irrigation pumping

- conveyor(s) actuation / other automation

These pictures are only intended to show different mounting options on shipping containers.