Gimbal Motor Test

A project log for Project Rockoon

Actively stabilized model rocket by means of a motor gimbal, originally designed for launching a rocket from a high-altitude weather balloon

Julian CostasJulian Costas 07/25/2016 at 01:190 Comments

I conducted a test in order to verify that the gimbal will work under the load of an live engine. I also wanted to make sure that the motor would eject when the parachute charge deploys rather than destroying the gimbal. The test went pretty well, but the igniter did get stuck in the engine. I think that this might have inhibited the range of motion of the gimbal, but it still looks like it worked adequately. I'm currently working on redesigning the spring part of the mechanism so that I can fit a 24mm motor without increasing the overall diameter. This will allow me to easily fit a D or E size motor. This is a big improvement, as I'm currently working with a C size motor. Aerotech even makes a 24mm F motor! Hopefully this mechanism redesign will also fix the issue of the motor sticking to one side when no solenoids are engaged. More to come soon, but for now, here is a video of the test.