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A project log for Smoker Controller

A platinum RTC temperature sensor used to keep track of a BBQ smoker's temperature.

John BaichtalJohn Baichtal 04/04/2018 at 15:270 Comments

Imagine there is a beautiful brisket inside the smoker. How long would it take to cook, and at what temperatures? For the purposes of this project the specifics of the recipe are irrelevant. What is important is that the system knows the temperature of the surface it's in contact with, and is able to communicate that to the chef via wifi.

1. Chef sets the Smoker Controller's temperature. The Smoker Controller will have a simple interface for setting the temperature. Maybe a button and potentiometer?

2. Once the temperature is set, the RTD is attached to the smoker and begins to monitor the temperature.

3. If the temperature drops below the set point, a text is sent alerting the chef to add more fuel.


I had some ideas for ways to improve the way the Smoker Controller works and to add to its capabilities. For instance, maybe the smoker could literally make adjustments to the smoker on its own?

* Vent control. A motor could control vent position, opening them up to allow in more air or closing them down to cool down the fire and slow the rate of the burn.

* Blow in air to increase temperature. Forget vents; If the Smoker Controller noted the temperature trending down, a fan could blow air into the firebox to increase the burn temperature.