Internet smart reset plug

Smart plug that cycle power to your router when net is down

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Sometimes, when your internet is down, it may be your router (or Freebox in France) which has gone crazy. A power cycle sometimes fixes the issue.
The idea is to DIY a reset plug :

The idea here is to use an ESP8266 which pings a website. When ping fails, the ESP8266 uses a relay to power cycle a plug.

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    Step 1

    Install requirement

    Install Arduino IDE and install esp8266 additional board manager as explained here.

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    Step 2

    Flash code

    Following the minimal hardware setup for bootloading explaining here and using a 3.3V USB To Serial adapter, you should be able to flash the following code to your esp8266 :

    Please note that USB serial adapater ground need to be connected to ESP8266’s power adapter ground.

    You’ll need to copy/paste parameters.h.dist to parameters.h and change your configuration information.

    Beware, esp8266 don’t support 5V so be sure to use a power supply and an USB serial adapter which operates at 3.3V !
    Doing otherwise will simply destroy your module.

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    Step 3

    Run the code

    To test your code, you’ll need to

    • disconnect the RST / reset pin
    • connect GPIO0 to pullup (instead of GND) as explained here,
    • connect GPIO16 (or XPD) to RST pin to allow deepsleep as explained here.

    Opening the serial monitor from arduino, you should be able to view some messages from esp8266.

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