Scalar Network Analyzer Jr

A simple RF test instrument that can be used as a SNA, Signal Generator, Watt Meter, Antenna Analyzer

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A simple hand held RF test instrument built using an Arduino Nano, TFT LCD display, AD8307 Log detector, and an AD9850 DDS module. The SNA Jr. can function as a 1-40Mhz. signal generator, Scalar Network Analyzer. With the addition of a 40dB Tap, it can function as a RF Watt-meter measuring from under 100 milli-watt to 100 Watts. With the addition of a Return Loss Bridge it can be used as an Antenna Analyzer to check the VSWR of antennas in the 1-40 Mhz. range. Adding a simple pickup coil to the RLB the software has a function to use it as a Dip Meter.

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