Steering Link Re-work

A project log for SECApocalypse

Yamaha XJ750 "SECA" with adjustable Hossack front end and Mad Max style

sebwierssebwiers 06/06/2016 at 17:040 Comments

In an on-going effort to chase slop out of my steering link setup, I re-made the top drag link holder. The original design had two separate parts held to the swing link with a bolt; if that bolt came loose (which it easily did with any rotational force on the link holder) the forces on the drag links were able to wiggle the parts, and it would quickly get even looser.

The new design is a single part that sandwiches the swing link such that even if the bolt gets loose, the bolt is only a pivot and its tightness does not affect positional integrity. Its also made from thicker metal, so flexes less and had enough stock that I could machine the contact faces flat, eliminating another source of slop.

The new design is also beefy enough to serve as a mounting point for my steering damper (which is laid in the location it will be mounted for this photo).