MaxMSP session

A project log for Edt-2000: Expressive midi controller

Experiments to turn a 'GameTrak' controller into an expressive midi controller for live shows.

Edwin MeijneEdwin Meijne 05/21/2016 at 21:260 Comments

Just a quick update after a day of trying all kinds of things with MaxMSP and a Korg Elektribe.

So, I've uploaded all our patches to git, but it's far from finished. Maybe you can use it :)

We used a midi/audio interface to send midi to the drum computer, but since it was about 7 years ago I last used MaxMSP this was mostly an afternoon spend on learning how the program works..

* I've updated the Arduino code to use a serial speed of 57600, this seemed to work good with MaxMSP. 115200 was a bit buggy and somewhere online was the tip to use this value; it works well with the nunchuck (almost no delay)!

If you have Wii-Chuck adapter you can use the code in the git to connect your nunchuck :)

More info in next update! Somewhere next week!