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Use the HaD Logo In Your 3D Prints

HackADay is no different than the hungry feasting hyena on the Serengeti, thrusting it's blood lusting talons in to the flesh of another, gorging on...HaD entertains the occasional embedding of it's logo in to your projects...thus we have provided a previously non-existing Sketchup rendering of the Skull and Wrenches logo for public use in the Sketchup Warehouse

As the file stands, it is a solid group thus STL export compliant -- though when integrating in to your project, verify after exploding the grouping.


  • 1 × Mouse
  • 1 × Key Board
  • 1 × Don Julio 1942
  • 1 × Learnededness
  • 1 × Attention Span

  • Log

    Vije Miller05/14/2016 at 17:57 2 comments

    Listen, I am a grown man and yet unable to say project log with out a snicker. Tee hee, log. Project log sounds like the advertising slogan of a laxative.

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