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    1st Step - Design and Hardware

    Hello everyone, while doing all this i figured that is a must to define what you want first, a proyect for school, a laser engraver, a machine to make pcbs, to work on Wood, or to work with aluminum, acrilic etc...

    This machine is intended for Wood engraving, so i looked for cnc projects with that characteristic and got the hardware that i'd use

    I recommend to do a cad once you get the hardware, or a drawing, to ensure that everything fits perfect, so you can go make all your plates in one go

    it had took me a lot of time because i doubted about compatibility and size of some things, so i bought things, then other things, and that take a lot of time in special if you buy things from China. Don't be like me dude, get your plans done quick and you'll have your machine ready on time

    I'm not a native english speaker, dont be rude if something is not well written :).