2. Iteration

A project log for SHT21 Humidity sensor board

Using a Sensirion SHT21 sensor for environmental measurements. Equipped with filter cap, I2C connection.

TheotherMikeTheotherMike 09/07/2016 at 13:250 Comments

Since the first board was nice and clean but large, I made a second Iteration.

It also can be equipped with the filter cap but mounting holes were skipped. Idea is to clamp or glue the board into it´s dedicated place, which makes everything smaller and easier. The Overall layout will be the same, so the stencil can be used again with it.

Boards should arrive within the next days.

Next steps:

- Assemble sensor board.

- Recherche wiring of Display (first of all it will be a Nokia 5110 ).

- Recherche calculation of absolute humidity and dew Point.