Teensy Express

A Teensy compatible dev board bridging the protype phase to final product

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Teensy Express is a dev board aimed at more advanced users. It bridges the gap between breadboarding or soldering wires and a final professional product. Users who do not want to go all the way by making a fully custom board will appreciate the ease with which they can put their project to life.

The main dev board consists of two power inputs. ~14V and 3.6-4.2V (LiPo, LiIon single cell battery) via Wago and JST connectors. The 14V input also charges the battery. To hold the Teensy in place, I have chosen press-on headers for the edge pins and pogo pins for the bottom middle pins. This allows the user to mount the Teensy without any soldering. The pins are broken out to a standard Mini PCI Express connector, which I chose due to the large pin count. The Express port also includes 3.3V from the Teensy (260mA from a Teensy 3.2), 4.2V when external voltage is applied or VBAT, and of course ground.

Sub-boards are slightly longer than standard Mini Express cards, and can be much wider. This allows the user to snap various boards in and switch them with ease. Sub-boards can be designed as proto through-hole variations for development or the user can design their own sub-board with the funtions they need. Various sub-board Eagle files will be provided to users so they can quickly design their own.

Another great feature of the main board is in its dimension. The overall size, holes and cutouts are made to fit three various Hammond enclosures (two plastic, one aluminium). This allows for a professional project overall.

Daughter board templates can be found at

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