New classes. New submodules.

A project log for Modular Unmanned Vehicle Controller

(former YAUVeC - Yet Another Unmanned Vehicle Controller)

E. N. HeringE. N. Hering 03/10/2017 at 06:080 Comments

Hi. I'm working on the flight control module code. I added a few new classes: Navigation, PID, FCM (Flight Control Module), SCM (servo control module), GPS (GPS module) and a very abstract GNC (guidance, navigation and control) class. My main objective is to make GNC the main class for vehicle stabilization. All other vehicle specific attitude control classes should derive from it. Some of the new classes have only the very basic structures needed to integrate them with the system, but FCM inherited code I have already tested against FlightGear in the past, and is able to take a simulated airplane from waypoint a to waypoint b without crashing it.

I regenerated the documentation and uploaded it to website. The absence of comments is proportional to the absence of my free time, but doxygen does a great work crossing, formatting and displaying code. Generating documentation with Doxygen was a suggestion from an IRC collaborator: NoHitWonder.

About the new submodules, a brushless motor control module has already been drafted with the help of Erlend^SE, another project IRC channel collaborator. He is also inspiring and helping with the development of a new power supply module and a ESP8266 module to substitute the RN131G. You can join the project IRC channel by connecting your IRC client to a free node IRC server and joining

If you like how this project is evolving, please consider supporting it by helping to develop the electronics, the code or the firmware. All the project info is publicly available on the project repo, including schematics, PCB drawings and firmware code in C++. You can also develop your own modules using the project board/connection standards, or propose new standards for future systems. Supporting this project financially by sending a $1 PayPal donation is also welcome. That will help covering the PCB and equipment costs. Thanks a lot for your help and support!