Introducing the YAT: Yet Another Tricopter

A project log for Modular Unmanned Vehicle Controller

(former YAUVeC - Yet Another Unmanned Vehicle Controller)

e-n-heringE. N. Hering 06/06/2017 at 01:100 Comments


Today I managed to put everything done until now together, building what is now called the YAT: Yet Another Tricopter!

The thing has three electric motors, three ESCs, one servo, a switching 3.3V power supply (the 3.3v module is flawed), and the YAUVC backbone with some modules. This platform will work as a testbed for the servo control module and for the control algorithms that will try to make the YAT fly. Instead of the battery, I connected the YAT to a power supply via a cable. Communication to the YAUVC is done via WiFi. Here are some pictures:

Next step is to develop the code for the servo control module.

Soon I hope to come back with more good news.

And, if you want to follow this project more closely, you can join the Telegram group, where I'll be posting more frequent updates and pictures.

Thanks again for all your help and support!