Telemetry and module capacity matrix

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e-n-heringE. N. Hering 09/10/2017 at 17:000 Comments

Today I'm posting a picture of the CoolTerm terminal connected to the communications module via a serial connection.

What can be seen are many telemetry sequences starting with ### and using # as a separator between the four bytes that represent each relevant system variable value. I made a small C++ program to parse the telemetry and show the data on the screen.

A tall matrix can be seen on the serial terminal too. Each line of the matrix represents a capacity that an installed module can have. Modules can have accelerometers or other sensors installed, for example. Or they can be able to pilot the vehicle, or they can control servos. All the current capacities are listed in the following link:

The matrix shows that the module installed on slot 4 have an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a barometer and a magnetometer.

By using a matrix like this the data from similar sensors can be fused together using this equation:

And this operation can be done in a simple loop, taking care of the possibility of sensor redundancy in a very simple way.

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