Power supplies assembled! With LiPo support!

A project log for YAUVeC - Yet Another Unmanned Vehicle Controller

A modular, distributed processing, unmanned vehicle controller.

E. N. Hering 02/13/2017 at 11:140 Comments

Hi! I've just finished assembling two power supply submodules, one to run at 3.3V and another at 5V. Each can hold around 1A of current and manage a LiPo cell, charging it automagically or drawing power from it, or from the input line, depending on which options are available at the moment. The 5V power supply will work mostly to feed the servos, while the 3.3V one will feed the logic. These submodules will be attached to a MCU module each. The MCU will monitor and control the power supply, sending and receiving information about available power to the system via the main SPI bus.

I have also assembled three more MCU modules. Two to drive the power supplies and another to read and process GPS data:

Soon I'll publish the test results of these modules.

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