Prototype Version 1

A project log for Humidifeyes

Eye Moisture Retention and Rehabilitation Goggles: Cost effective assistive device for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

spandana.cheruvuspandana.cheruvu 05/16/2016 at 21:370 Comments

We used Goggles attached to foam and mist forming mechanism by small pager motors. The water was stored in the two tanks on both sides of the goggles.

It consumed power of 1 AA battery.

Simultaneous alternatives explored:

  1. Pressurized air forced into water chamber to cause turbulence and produce micro droplets.(like a nebulizer) We can try using very small air pumps used in aquariums that can be directed to water reservoir with force. ( 2.5 dollars.
  2. Ultrasonic vibrators: Very small vibrating elements coupled to a membrane which acts as a wick to hold water droplets which get dispersed due to vibrating motion. (Testing with Speakers)