Prototype 3

A project log for Humidifeyes

Eye Moisture Retention and Rehabilitation Goggles: Cost effective assistive device for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

spandana.cheruvuspandana.cheruvu 06/19/2016 at 20:460 Comments

STEP- 1: This time, I am going to test the humidifier kept in the room nearby to the patient. The humidifier is a mini USB powered device which has electronic transducer.

The example humidifier is from amazon -

You can buy other such cheap electronic humidifiers easily available online.

Step- 2: Testing the driver circuit - These humidifiers have USB power driver circuits that can be easily hacked into. [More updates will come soon as I start ordering and building the prototype with another humidifier]

I have ordered two filters and three ultrasonic transducers as well to build the 'jugaad' prototype .

Step 3 : Designing the Eye gear.

Step 4 : Integrating the humidifier with the eye gear