Making of the IrIS - CAD

A project log for Humidifeyes

Eye Moisture Retention and Rehabilitation Goggles: Cost effective assistive device for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

spandana.cheruvuspandana.cheruvu 08/30/2016 at 17:050 Comments

The wick container is suspended with a spring in the latch container. The bottommost chamber contains water followed by the latch chamber and wick container. The wick container with openings on the sides protrudes into the tightly sealed water chamber.

The wick container is suspended in the latch container using a spring. While latching to the piezo cap, spring is compressed and the wings turn and fit into the stopper slots.

Attaching a few pictures below. The CAD files are open sourced for others, would soon register for the Creative commons if this design works out. So no copyright violations meanwhile, okay!!!





bottle and cap.png