Backwards Railgun

Instead of using electricity to fire a projectile through a series of coils, we fire a magnetic projectile through a coil to get electricity

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We would have a gun, with a a coil or series of coils as the barrel. The cartridge (say 30-06) would have the projectile replaced with a magnet. If we have the charge & projectile correctly matched to the coil, we could theoretically convert all the energy of the projectile into electrical energy - and use this to possibly charge a capacitor bank for some brief high power use. Such as jumping a car, sending an emergency beacon, firing a laser, etc. I can envision many uses, as well as specific designs for military, aerospace, & consumer use.

As you can imagine, there is some extensive math involved, with many variables to adjust to make the most efficient & safe device.

We could probably start with a 22 cal air rifle for some testing.

At this point it's only an idea, so additions to the team are welcome. I'll leave it here & measure interest as I decide how to proceed.

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Twelvesalmons wrote 02/27/2017 at 22:56 point

It's a very interesting thought, but I see some potential  issues. The first law of thermodynamics in particular ("Energy cannot be created or destroyed"). It may be very possible to make such a rifle, but the energy that you harvest will be a byproduct of  decreased ballistic performance. The first law also says that you cannot convert all of the energy from such a setup, and still expect the projectile to leave the barrel.

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