I am the proud owner of a hardware neural network chip, the NeuroMem CM1K, which is what the NeuroMem Brain Card is centered on.

Problem is, when I first got it, there was very little documentation on how to use it. That was in 2015, and NeuroMem ran an Indie Go go campaign to get this up and off the ground. Cut to 2018, and after the entry and exit of the Intel Curie module, which has some of the NeuroMem's technology on it, and the Arduino 101./Genuino, which also has about 128 neurons on it, there STILL isn't much, well written, well understood material out there about how to use these neurons, why you'd want to use them, what for, and where! Even after the advent of the Arduino 101, with just 128 neurons on it, you'd expect to find a whole slew of tutorials about how to harness those neurons! Now compare the number of tutorials about how to use a generic Arduino versus that, and you can see why there aren't many hardware implementations of neural networks laying around.

I used to be a Science Teacher for two years, teaching college level science to kids as young as in 4th grade, all the way to 7th. I had my students take apart lawn mowers and blow things up to learn thermodynamics, roast copper plates on hot plates to learn semiconductors and make solar panels, and do creative problem solving with a map and compass. Before that, I worked in the Franklin Institute Science Musuem when I was in high school, as a science demonstrator and explainer. And after I was a Science Teacher, I taught robotics to kids for two years.

If there's one thing I've learned during my many years as an educator, it's that you need to have some body of material to educate the public with first, before they can even get the idea of what they can do with it. 

So this catch all project page is to document my adventures in understanding the NeuroMem CM1K, the NM500, hardware neural networks, and bring those concepts to a level that the students I once taught can understand. The other reason is I'm a believer in the Richard Feynman concept of how you know that you understand something. If you can read and understand it, that's one level.

But if you can teach it in a way that other people understand it, you learn even more, and you reach a whole other level of understanding.