Future Plans?

A project log for nRF_Detekt

This project is meant as a security add-on to an individual's physical security. Will warn of intruders in real-time and while you are away.

int-mosfetInt-Mosfet 05/21/2016 at 03:490 Comments

Future plans is to upgrade the crypto. I wanted a more "spread spectrum" like feature but have channel incrementing happening now on each transmission. Will have LCD screen supported for receiver if you just want this at your desk/workbench and track who's coming up driveway. As many Arduino sensors as I can do, will get supported too. That would aid security too since an attacker would need an attack on all those to avoid getting logged. I'm going to have a case for the modules, just a simple box. I wanted to do a shield for it but we'll see, if I'm up for it. I also want a chat program for this too, it'll just be a mini-add-on called "nRF-Chat" where you could talk back and forth end-to-end encrypted with the Arduino Serial Monitor.