A solda, aquecida, torna-se uma bolha fundida com uma gota de resina grudada à sua superfície externa. A solda se funde: nada surpreendente. É o comportamento da resina que impressiona. À medida em que a temperatura aumenta, a gota começa a girar e girar, cada vez mais rápido, como uma porta-bandeiras de uma escola de samba.

The solder, heated, a molten bubble becomes a resin with droplet sticking to its outer surface. The solder melts: nothing amazing. It is the behavior of the resin is striking. As when the temperature increases, the drop begins to rotate and spin, faster and faster as a flag bearers for a samba school.

the principle already tested secret

welding in space does not work the same as on Earth. Here, gravity pulls the molten solder down on the metals to be joined. In space, welding, weightless, does not flow down. It tends to join in blisters held together by surface tension. Trapped inside these bubbles welding, I believe they are tiny gas bubbles vaporized resin and water vapor, which weakens the joint and decrease their electrical and thermal conductivity.

Jose Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues do Amaral Engineer

Brazil 02/02/2001