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Makers-On-The-Move is a mobile initiative with a concept of addressing social and environmental challenges through a Participatory and Human Centric Design Method.
Vision - To build a community of young, creative and resilient change makers making social impact
Mission – Through social awareness, critical thinking and community collaborative problem solving experiences, we bring creative solutions to social and environmental issues in India.

What do we do?

We are conducting topic-centered programs for 3 months duration in locations across country. Each program is be themed on the local socio-economic/environmental problems such Gender Equality, Access to hands-on experiential Education, Waste Management, Alternative Sources of Energy and Sustainable Farming practices. We will travel in the ChangeMobile[1] (upcoming eco-friendly van project) and work with the local communities to bring solutions to the problems and create mindset shift among the people.

The participants of the program are typically young people aged 15-25 years who have a strong motivation for social change.

What is our Strategy?

The strategy is to give an experience to the participants of a real world problem/need and the challenge to solve it using their capacities as individuals and in teams. The unique approach of using Human Centred Design Thinking methods to address social issues helps in bringing creative and sustainable solutions. Participants will gain insights into the issues through participatory appraisal workshops where they map the resources, lifestyles, context, social structure and problems affecting the community. This will help them in thought storming for need-based ideas for a prioritized problem with specific objective. Expressions such as visual art, streetplays, events, thought provoking videos and design of learning spaces will be used to create mindsetshift among the community.

We bring together young people from various socio-economic backgrounds, with diverse capacities/expertises. It helps in analyzing the issue from angles of people from different backgrounds.

The complete experience helps in development of life skills such as confidence, solution centred thinking, awareness about current affairs in the young participants. Simultaneously, the actions by them create the much needed awareness and positive social impact in the wider society.


  • To initiate a grass root level youth led movement of positive social change in India
  • To create a platform for youth to gain life skills through real world problem solving experiences.
  • To unite the various efforts across the country to better the country’s socio-economical structure

Puttenhalli 1 week workshop.pdf

This report gives an overview of Design Thinking Crash course conducted with participants of the Puttenhalli lake Bangalore

Adobe Portable Document Format - 540.24 kB - 05/18/2016 at 13:46


  • 1 × IT equipment Laptops, projector and computer accessories for online research, documentation and learning for participants
  • 1 × Communication Expenses internet, Airtime
  • 1 × Accommodation Expenses Travel, food and stay for prticipants
  • 1 × Program materials stationery, ideation tools, course handouts and survey printouts
  • 1 × Human Resources Admin Manager, Program Manager, volunteers,subject matter experts

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  • ReformActions in Puttenahalli

    spandana.cheruvu05/18/2016 at 13:21 0 comments

    With Waste Management as the theme of the program, we have started the ReformActions phase where participants and external experts work together in teams to brainstorm on sustainable and effective solutions to the identified problems. The process followed is Design Thinking where participants gain indepth insights and inspiration through primary research, gather and analyse the information and develop prototype models of the proposed solutions.

    In the month of May, we have conducted detailed problem framing and analysis with stakeholders, target beneficiaries and opinions about the issue.

    We are currently organizing brainstorming sessions and awareness events with participants, coordinated with experts and students from Project DEFY Bangalore, to introduce waste management solutions to the members of the community

  • Participatory Appraisal for Community Profiling

    spandana.cheruvu05/18/2016 at 13:16 0 comments

    Participatory Appraisal(PA) is a set of methods to engage the community in active assessment of the needs and opportunities to start a social change initiative. It consists of activities such as Resource Mapping, Social Mapping, Daily Activity clocks, lifestylles, Income Expenditure sources and matrix, problem ranking, focus group discussions and SWOT analysis.

    We conducted Participatory Appraisal workshops in two slum communities of Puttenhalli and Jayanagar, Bangalore in fourth week of March and in April. This is a week long community profiling workshop. The volunteers will help facilitate activities with the participants for conducting the appraisal.

    The outcomes of PA workshops led to finding of manipulation of community funds, Unemployment, Gender Conformity, lack of waste management and Mosquito manifestation as core problems faced in the two communities respectively

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