Phase 2 + 1 Files Uploaded!

A project log for Rocking the Horses

Learn how to operate your new CNC router by making a rocking horse, then learn a lot more by setting up for mass production.

JoshJosh 05/30/2016 at 21:150 Comments

All of the files for Phase 2 are now available, including the SVG, DXF, and G-code. All files CC BY-SA 4.0. These files are untested at the moment, and the toolpath problem on the rockers still has not been corrected, although I believe it is a Mach3 issue. I will update these when I get a chance.

All drawings needed for Phase 1 are now uploaded (these are the same as you would find in ONSHAPE, so now you don't need an ONSHAPE account to get the drawings.)

I will do a write up later for the Phase 1 instructions, but as of now, all files are available for those who wish to use them, and for inclusion in the Hackaday Anything Goes competition.

Feel free to ask any questions! The point of this project is to help those in need of some starter CNC info!