PIC17 prices

A project log for PIXPUTER - computer on PIC17 microprocessor

"PIXPUTER" (or nedoPC-17) is based on PIC17C43 or PIC17C44 microcontroller that works in microprocessor mode with external program memory

SHAOSSHAOS 12/22/2016 at 03:240 Comments

Here I combined screenshot from the datasheet with current prices (as available on DigiKey today):

As you can see not all combinations of packages/frequencies/cores are available (I used price for single chip and in case of availability of both commercial and industrial temperature ranges I wrote commercial price otherwise price of any available one).

Note: 33 MHz option is probably most problematic because of export regulations (too fast to ship outside of US?). Anyway it's obviously overkill in our case because according to datasheet for configuration with external program ROM the clock frequency of PIC17 should not exceed 25 MHz...