• Step 5

    bastian.chuttarsing05/31/2018 at 11:30 0 comments

    Unfortunately, we haven't received the load cell so we made another final plan for our project :

    This device is made with wood, lcd screen, buttons and Arduino card. As we can see, this sketch represent our final device, but without the load cell.

  • Step 4

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    FSR wasn't adapted for our project, so we had to order a Load Cell to have a bigger and more efficient surface to make a scale out of it. Using the shear forces we make sure to have conform results of weighing.  

  • Step 3

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    We received few components of our last commands. 

    We began to research some Arduino code to use a lcd screen, a FSR connected with an Arduino card. We've found few codes but we haven't achieved to make them efficient. 

    We'd a problem with our FSR because it wasn't adapted with our project. Indeed the surface of the FSR was enabling us to have a regular and adapted way to calibrate it and thus weigh our samples.

    For now this is the componants we we'll use :

  • Step 2

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    We ordered our components to realize our device.

    We began to made some sketches for example like this:

    The idea is to make a device with a plastic support, a wheighing machine.

    For now we've been thinking about a device that would anticipate the reward from classifying the wastes we throw away by puting them in this thrash bin. It will display the theorical valor and benefit quantification of their move on the top of it.

  • Step 1

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    -Do some researches about our project:

    We  did some researches about the design, how to conceive our device (size, materials, and all functionalities..) 

    We made a list of the components we need to realize our device.