Enclosure Design (2) - 3d Print in our Hands!

A project log for MyComm

A portable, solar powered, handheld device that provides truly global messaging when you have no alternative.

Jack Wells 08/23/2016 at 14:390 Comments

Things have been a little slow on the MyComm front. We've had other projects taking our time. However, after winning 2 of the Hackaday monthly categories we've been able to use some of the funds to get some 3d prints! Video below shows what they look like:

I was able to get the screen easily fitted to the "Consumer Mock-Up" - This case is the one we're hoping to produce for actual users. It'll likely make some design iterations depending on how custom PCB designs go and component selection. However, there's nothing quite like holding a project in your hands! The 3d prints came out well. They were done by a contact that has his own Cube 3 printer. He was kind enough to send some pics through of the build in progress.

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