Build Instructions (1) - Software Preperation

A project log for MyComm

A portable, solar powered, handheld device that provides truly global messaging when you have no alternative.

Jack WellsJack Wells 09/23/2016 at 09:360 Comments

To keep the instructions page clean I'm creating individual logs for the Prototype build and linking it in the instructions page. This log describes the software preparations you need to take to be able to program the MyComm.

Code Preperation:

In order to program the Teensy you'll require a compatible version of the Arduino IDE ( version) and the latest version of Teensyduino from here: . (As of writing Teensyduino V1.3 is compatible with Arduino V1.6.11)

MyComm code repository is here:

Clone or download the repository using your standard git package or through your browser. The folder contains all of the library files required so open the main file "MyComm_Main.ino" in the Arduino IDE. Do a "Verify" check to make sure everything is working before continuing.

If everything is installed correctly you should see the following bellow:

Code Test:

To make sure your IDE is setup correctly open the standard "blink.ino" file in arduino.

Select the options from the drop down menu in Arduino for Teensy 3.1/3.2. Set "USB Type" to "Serial" and set the "CPU Speed" to "96MHz optimised".

Upload this code to your Teensy and you should see the LED on pin 13 blinking!*

Keep the blinking code on the Teensy as it'll come in handy when we move to the hardware build.


*If you haven't reprogrammed the Teensy since buying it (so it's completely fresh) you may need to press the hardware button on the Teensy before windows recognises it. Press the button on the Teensy and press "upload" on the Arduino IDE you should hear windows "beeping" to show USB connections are happening. Any issues please see the Teensy forum for further help.